How to unlock a phone?

Probably a lot of people trying to get rid of the protection that applies mobile operator. This protection is called simlock. To unlock your phone normally have to pay for this service. To facilitate the task of our users we decided to make our own software to unlock the phone. Through SIMlock Unlocker within a few seconds you remove the simlock. Below is a very simple interface with which anyone can handle.

simlock code generator

As you can see in the picture just enter IMEI, brand and model of our phone. It is enough that the program has generated 24-digit code to enter on the keyboard of our phone. After this operation, we will be able to freely use SIM cards of other operators because our phone is unlocked.

Unlocking your phone in 30 seconds?

Yes. It is perfectly possible. From now having SIMlock Unlocker – software for removing simlock from your phone you can use any SIM card regardless of which operator it originates.

sim unlock

1. Enter the IMEI of your phone (you can check it by typing *#06#)
2. Select your phone brand
3. Select phone model
4. Click the button to generate a code to unlock phone.
Now simply enter the following code in your phone.
The above mentioned steps will lead to a successful unlock the phone. As you can see in this simple no. Just follow the instructions to unlock the phone code generated.

Phone Security.

By creating SIMlock Unlocker software very big emphasis was on safety. Using the method described on the website is not possible to damage the phone. No need to worry also about the guarantees, as the operator has no idea that the simlock was removed. Our program does not leave any traces in your system or interfere with the components of the phone which makes it the best tool of this kind on the Internet.

What will you gain by using this program?

If you are reading this probably looking for information on how you could remove the simlock from your phone. Using our proprietary tools gain professional unlock your phone, do not risk destroying your phone. It would take literally several seconds, and the service does not get you in trouble because you only have to download SIMlock Unlocker from our side, open it and follow the instructions.

I have an unusual phone. Can I remove simlock?

We serve a lot of phones. Many of them are not very popular. Full list of phones that can be unlocked can be found HERE.

Download SIMlock Unlocker

simlock code generator

Fill one survey from the list to download the file. It takes a few seconds. If the survey does not want to appear please turn off the ad blocking plugins.

unlock phone for free

Software available onsoftware unlocking phones


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